DNS Registration Services

Maine Line Systems is happy to register you domain names for you. We are a reseller, not a registrar. We are too small to have automatic registrations, but we are happy to manually register each domain name that you need. Most domains cost 11.99 per year.

All new domain name registrations are handled via OpenSRS (TuCows. We can handle a variety of different top level domains for you (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .me, .co, etc). Once your domain is registered, it is renewed automatically each year. OpenSRS will send the registered owner of the domain (you) an email telling you that your domain is up for renewal and asking if any information has changed. Simply contact us with any changes and we will update you. We are developing an interface that will allow you to take care of that. We don't need to host your domain, to register your domain name for you. We will set the domain name servers to whatever you wish.

In the past we registered domain names through Aplus internet services. We are in the process of transferring all of your domains to the new registrar. Aplus will send the domain owner (you) pre and post expiration emails. I charge $11.99 for all domains registered by Aplus.net and the selection of domains available is very limited.

During the next year or so we plan to migrate all domains away from Aplus to OpenSRS.

Your rights as a domain name registrant can be found here.

Your benefits as a domain name registrant can be found here.